Ready? Aim… Fire!

Fire puzzle diagamPart of the reason for starting this site was to learn about exit games I didn’t know about; another part of the reason was to learn about whole other aspects of the puzzling hobby. I maintain there are plenty of separate puzzle hobbies in the UK who often just don’t know about each other, but would benefit from learning about each other.

For instance, I know next to nothing about the world of physical puzzles. A quick search points to Puzzlemad, a beautiful mechanical puzzle blog in which an anaesthetist discusses his growing collection. He writes enthusiastically and emotively about the fun he has solving, and the puzzles often look gorgeous. To pick just one post, his favourite puzzle of 2013 was the Angel Box, and his joy is infectious. It sounds like a tremendously impressive piece of craftsmanship, at the very, very least.

The price tag is commensurate, but that’s OK. One of the great things about the puzzle hobby is that it’s accessible at so many levels. Perhaps you travel around the world to attend a party and come home having bought dozens of masterpieces; perhaps you stay at home and solve an online contest from your seat at no cost. (To pick a second post, I love and recommend his beginner’s guide to “twisty puzzles”.)

This all links to my recent post about the August Essex puzzle hunt. Details of the hunt are available; investigation suggests that the hunt is expected to run from 10am to 6pm or so. While no formal deadline or size limit has been announced, it has been suggested that registrations by the end of June would help with planning.

The hunt’s co-author, Stephen Miller, is credited for the architecture of Tessarisis and Tarka, two of the Isis Adventure series of physical puzzles; the hunt may also be connected to his upcoming Fire physical puzzle, the first in a series called Elemental, hinted at by the above graphic. A strong track record indeed – and this description of the solution to one of his previous hunts shows the breadth of his skills and makes me all the more excited about the Essex hunt.

An exciting prospect indeed. The company name, Pyro Puzzles, may also link to another of his interests, for he is chairman of the the UK Pyrotechnics Society. It seems reasonable, in that case, to expect the Essex hunt to go with a bang!

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