UK Puzzle Championship: the stats

Latest UK Puzzle Association logoTwo weeks ago, this site previewed the UK Puzzle Championship taking place that weekend, then reviewed UK performances in puzzle contests. The results are published and this site congratulates everyone who is happy with their result.

The biggest congratulations of all go to James McGowan, the 2014 UK champion, who matched Neil Zussman’s achievement in 2013 of being not just the UK champion but also the top global scorer; Neil finished second in the UK this year, with Tom Collyer getting a UKPC personal-best third place. The number of UK participants on the scoreboard also continued its annual increase, with 25 troubling the scorer this year as opposed to 20, 22 and 23 in the previous years.

In fact, we can produce a year-on-year chart of UKPC performances, in the style of Tim Peeters’ charts:

James McGowan112114
Neil Zussman 21213
David McNeill23  22
Tom Collyer864334
Steve Barge3 3533
Michael Collins946944
Adam Dewbery 13 442
Ronald4   41
Roderick Grafton125101054
furudo.erika 125753
Paul Redman5   51
Emma McCaughan61081164
Nick Gardner 106 62
Adam Bissett  13662
Nick Deller107 1573
Eva Myers147 1673
AJ Moore  9772
Mark Goodliffe7 131373
Chris M. Dickson10181922104
Gareth Moore16 11 112
Chris Nash  11 111
Heather Golding   12121
tom123513   131
Paul Slater   13131
Liane Robinson1514  142
Timothy Luffingham 14  141
Anthea McMillan  1517152
Kenneth Wilshire18201621164
Sam Boden 161719163
Robin Walters 1718 172
Abigial See17   171
Alison Scott   18181
blueingreen19   191
quixote 19  191
Andrew Brown20 21 202
Laurence May 20  201
United Kingdom  20 201
David Cook   20201
Eilidh McKemmie 22  221
Gary Male  22 221
River Edis-Smith  23 231
Daniel Cohen   23231
Abdul Hadi Khan   24241
shirehorse1   25251

Errors and omissions excepted and corrections are welcome; note that I decline to split places between players on equal scores on the “time left” tie-breaker. Many thanks to everyone who has been involved with setting the puzzles or organising the contest over the years!

There’s one online puzzle contest taking place this weekend: the sixth round of the World Puzzle Federation’s Sudoku Grand Prix. The instruction booklet for the 1½-hour Bulgarian round is available and the puzzles will be available to solve until Monday evening.

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