Fatal Attraction

This owl has been drinkingIt would appear that a certain well-known owl has made some very unwise decisions, wound up cross-eyed and fallen over. Perhaps he has decided to celebrate (American) Thanksgiving by introducing himself to WHISKEY. Foolish owl.

What has inspired this parody? Well, a certain review aggregation site which shall remain nameless has decided to recategorise the exit games that this site covers from being attractions to being activities. This is clearly a political decision, if not a party political one, and it seems that the activities category faces rather… tougher competition than the attractions one. Some outstanding sites with a hard-earned reputation arising from many, many excellent reviews have found themselves relegated from #1 in their field to, er, rather lower. This does not reflect the sites getting worse in any way, shape or form, but does spell bad news for the visibility of the industry as a whole.

What can be done about this? Well, theoretically this support answer suggests that it might be possible to claim that “A listing has wrong information or is categorized incorrectly” and get sites’ categories changed back from activity to attraction. On the other hand, while most people will not have access to one particular private forum, one of the top questions is Why has my listing been moved to the Activities Tab? – to which the answer begins A recent update to the site has moved some businesses over to the Activities tab. It is not a mistake and an intentional re-categorization (…) It may well not be specific towards exit games in any way, shape or form.


(Tip of the hat to Nathan from Agent November for pointing this out.)

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