Coming soon to Wimbledon: Mystery Cube

Mystery Cube logoEscaping from an exit game within 60 minutes may sound easy, but can you do it… in the Mystery Cube?

Word reached this site today about a new game under construction, now taking bookings from January 24th, 2015. The site is located near Wimbledon; take Tramlink to Morden Road and it’s five minutes away in a south-easterly direction. (The map on the site acts as a pathfinder.) Games are attractively priced at £50 for a team of two to £70 for a team of five, not a great quantity to charge by exit game standards, particularly in London. (There’s also a half-price coupon code for the first fortnight, so consider making your response with unusual velocity.) Will this game cause a revolution in the field? We shall see.

When people enter the Mystery Cube its energy levels start to fluctuate and we can only keep it stable in space and time for one hour at a time. After that we cannot predict what will happen to the Mystery Cube – with you inside. Therefore you have only 60 minutes to complete your challenge inside the Mystery Cube and escape so good teamwork is essential.

It is not clear whether the game has anything to do with the nine lives – trial run – simplify structure of you-know-what, or whether it’s a more conventional exit game alluding for thematic purposes only. Either would be very cool. There’s nothing to suggest that you won’t face a barrage of puzzles delivered in a quick fire fashion, whereby your team will have to balance their focus between the competing challenges. Surely failure to finish in time will lead to your expulsion without honour through the usual aperture.

As a sidenote, TV music composer Nick Foster has made a cascade of possibly relevant tunes available on this playlist on his Soundcloud, if you can bear the intensity. If you can’t, or if you don’t get the references, go and enjoy the game once it opens and don’t let your unfamiliarity be a barrier!

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