Hold Fire

Illustrated London NewsThis site is delighted to see both QMSM and Escape Game Addicts get off to such strong starts. Both sites have written about good trips to Breakout Manchester; QMSM also wrote about won-one-lost-one trips to Clue HQ, where any entry in the W column is a hard-won feat, as well as a take on Toronto Room Escapes‘ mighty Themed Thursday strand, spreading like wildfire from blog to blog. Dear old Intervirals is also posting daily through February, a month which will feature their first birthday, an achievement to celebrate – and the quality is well up there with the quantity.

Closer to home, what’s going on? The bad-news-good-news department reports that the limited engagement of Jailbreak! at Oxford Castle has had to come to an end for now, but an unconfirmed report from a friend who really enjoyed playing suggests that it has proved sufficiently popular that it might come back in a bigger, better form at some point before too long.

The biggest London news is that this weekend sees Test Fire, a “regular session of playing games, making games, talking about games, and drinking. High-energy and action-packed throughout“. This particular session is of unusual interest because it will feature Mink Ette, part of the team behind Portland’s 60 Minutes To Escape (where this site cannot praise the design concepts video enough) speaking on the topic and also Gareth Briggs who ran the extremely well-received MOLE game last year. Who knows what other exciting people there will be in attendance? (Sadly travelling will get in the way here this time, but maybe some other month soon!)


  1. Not sure if you have mentioned it before, but I just learned about Themed Thursday on this post, and the links to other bloggers that participate. As an soon-to-be operator, this information to me is like gold dust! It’s given me so many ideas, and not only for potential game designs, but much more than that – Watch this space. Thank you Chris!


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