Coming soon to Nottingham: Escapologic

Escapologic logoEscapologic is set to blend escapology with logic when this new exit game opens in Nottingham on May 1st. Situated on Castle Gate, a couple of hundred metres south of the Old Market Square tram stop, the site will launch with two games – and correspondence suggests two more may well be on their way.

The site promises movie-quality special effects and completely realistic set and sound design, with machines to build and operate, hidden switches to find and codes to crack. The first two rooms have one-hour time limits and are designed to be played by teams of two to five; prices have not been revealed, but it has been suggested the price range will be £40 for two players up to £80 for teams of five. You are invited to choose between an abandoned steampunk inspired laboratory or a horror-filled crypt for the first two games.

The former of these, entitled Con-trap-tion, sets the scene like so: The room is dark. A single beam of light illuminates a key on a desk… In the shadows, strange machinery creaks and groans. Half-blinded by the spotlight, you make your way towards the key, stumbling on unidentifiable contraptions, apparently left in haste by whoever has been here before you… In the deep darkness at the end of the room, something is crouching under a huge tarpaulin…

Alternatively, Crypt-ic is the second game, where Stepping in to the room medieval age seeps through the draping and tapestries adorning the castle stone walls. Weaponry and Armour dating back centuries hold their own dark secrets and stories, however; it is the ominous looking machine that dominates the room and captures intrigue. To the right are shackled doors, which offer a glimpse through to a further chamber which can only have dark intentions…

These sound like remarkable places to play and this site is really intrigued to see whether the puzzles and challenges match up to the atmospheric surroundings. The coming soon page‘s countdown timer shows the attention to detail, happily following up on this site’s opinion on the most steampunk things in the world. Definitely one to watch very closely!


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