Now open in Altrincham: Code to Exit

Code to Exit logoAround a year’s work has gone into Code to Exit, which has its grand opening today in Altrincham, a little south-west of Manchester. The site is on Manchester Road, also known as the A56, in a block of shops very near a large outdoor retail park with a TK Maxx, a Homebase, an Aldi and so on. (It’s next to the well-regarded Ma’s Chinese Takeaway.) The major road is very well-served by buses; on the Metrolink, the closest stop is probably Navigation Road, perhaps half a mile or so away.

The site is opening with a single game, featuring a 60-minute time limit for a team of two to five. The Blueprint is its name: “The goal is search and acquisition of the blueprints of hydrogen bomb prior of the construction of the real bomb. Then return it into the future via the time gate. In order to achieve this goal you have to find the lost parts of the time machine, install them and repair it.” Two more games are promised to be coming soon. It’s not the sort of exit game to have physical challenges or scary elements involved. The site has some short promo videos which set the tone, as well.

The standard price varies from £36 for a team of two to £75 for a team of five, but there’s an opening sale during August where all teams are charged just £36 regardless of their size. The site’s Facebook page has some rather cute puzzles where you can submit the answer and hope to win a free game, too!


    • I don’t run this (or any other) escape room – just a blog about escape rooms. You should probably contact Code To Exit to find out more on this front.


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