By the numbers: UK vs the rest of the world

A couple of people have asked questions recently related to how many escape rooms the UK can sustain. Truth be told, I don’t really know the answer but I was interested enough to try to pull together a few statistics from other countries. I grabbed them from anywhere I could get them easily – sometimes just taking them direct from a report and sometimes finding a list and adding them up by hand.

The numbers are inevitably approximate – I may have made minor errors when counting, the lists aren’t necessary complete and games appear and disappear on an almost daily basis in most of these regions. I do believe the numbers are about right.

The table below is ordered by number of rooms per million population to give you a feel for how densely filled the markets are. Obviously a lot of factors affect these numbers – planning laws, when the first game appeared, labour costs, tourist numbers etc. Read into the data what you will…

Country Population (m) Rooms (/m pop) Source (rooms)
 NL  17  612 (36)  Escape Talk
 Poland  38  986 (26)  Lock Me
 Luxembourg  0.57  11 (19)  Escape Talk
 USA  323  6000 (18.6)  Facebook thread – David Spira estimate.
 UK  65  855 (13.2)  Exit Games
 Singapore  5.6  68 (12.1)  TripAdvisor and primary research
 France  67  811 (12.1)  Wescape
 Belgium  11  120 (11)  Escape Talk
 Australia  24  195 (8.1)  Escape Room Hunters
 Austria  8.7  65 (7.5)  Lukas Rauscher from Crime Runners

Populations based on Wikipedia’s best guess.

If you’ve got any other statistics that I can add then let me know via comments below. I won’t add them indefinitely but if I get more stats over the next couple of weeks then I’m happy to drop them in.

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