August 3rd: one-day Cryptic Treasure Hunt in Essex

Pyro Puzzles logoExciting news arrives (and thanks to for this one!) that Sunday 3rd August will see a highly relevant-looking cryptic treasure hunt (heck, it’s a puzzle hunt to you and me!) taking place somewhere in Essex, probably not far from north-east London.

The hunt will be a team event, with each team consisting of up to six participants. The objective for each team will be to escape the puzzle box and locate the prizes once outside. This is similar to the exit games we discuss here, except that here there will be multiple rooms to challenge and confound the participants. Many of the rooms will contain mechanical and physical puzzles, codes and riddles that need to be solved in order to reveal an escape route that the teams can use, but there’ll still be more to do even after you’ve escaped. Apparently the venue was designed to securely contain 300 people away from the outside world, so escaping will be a real challenge!

The hunt is being organised by Stephen Miller, Nick Ball and others, who have been running such puzzle hunts for many years. A full write up of one such hunt can be found here to give you an indication of what goes into them. It’s interesting to see ATHC at the top of the document; this surely refers to the Armchair Treasure Hunt Club, who hold one-day puzzle hunts like this, extended research-based hunts and online competitions. Much more about them some other day.

The whole event will be themed, but this will remain “Top Secret” until the day of the hunt. (Whether this has a double meaning, and that the theme will actually be revealed to be “Top Secret”, rather than being kept as top secret, remains to be seen!) The winning team (and hopefully the runners up) will be able to claim limited edition puzzles as their prizes for being the first to escape and find the treasure.

There’s a little more information about the logistics on the hunt’s web site, as well as an entry form and PayPal link to pay the £25/person fee. The site also has an e-mail link which will surely reach the organisers.

Very exciting! More news about this as it reaches us.


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