Coming soon to Manchester: The Escape Room

The Escape RoomSometimes it’s a little difficult to know when new exit games are ready to be discussed on this site; people have their own ideas about just how early “too early” might be. However, when a site postsCome and experience our Escape Room in Manchester!” and links to an update entitled “Escape Room Manchester launch – Not just another escape game!” that starts “We will be opening our doors to the public in Manchester very soon” then it would be excessively conservative to continue to keep schtum.

Previously this site has discussed the world’s leading global brands in exit games and noted Escape Room for featuring open games in three countries and “Coming Soon” games in five more. At that point, the site suggested to expect Escape Room to come to Manchester. Happily, the company has made good on that promise! Another of their Tweets saysWe will be launching all over the UK and in Europe soon!” and the global site suggests three locations coming soon in the UK, one of which is in a city absolutely begging to be served and an extremely promising market. Manchester first, though.

And what a centre it is planned to be! The web site refers to the business both by name and by URL as The Escape Room, thus so shall this site. (Hopefully this will help avoid any confusion with the popular and successful Escape Rooms, plural, of London.) Distinctively, the web site suggests there will be five different games on offer, which will make it the number one site in the country in terms of the largest number of different games – overtaking the previous number one, also in Manchester. The titles are The Secret Lab, The Mummy Returns, Prison Break, Room 13 and Slaughter House – so, whether your taste is for science, Egypt, the supernatural or crime, there’s a room to suit.

It would be very interesting to learn whether the games are exactly the same as when they are played on the other side of the world, not least because the Manchester rooms are set to have a time limit of 60 minutes, as is usual for UK facilities, whereas other centres set a time limit of 45 minutes. On the other hand, it’s extremely promising that there are so many other games available within the Escape Room fold, suggesting that this site might be able to swap games relatively quickly. However, five different games should keep most people going for quite a while!

Extremely promising; this site looks forward to learning how the games live up to their very considerable promise. This looks like a very valuable addition to what’s available in the UK, let alone what’s available just in Manchester. Booking has not yet opened, let alone the games opening for business; this site looks forward to spreading the good word when this changes. The site has a cute photo of a grumpy-looking skeleton trapped behind bars. Fingers crossed that you escape within an hour and thus avoid the same fate!

All that said, might Manchester not be the first city outside London to get to three open exit games?


  1. Escape room in London!!!
    I can’t wait…. I tried to do as many of their rooms in Malaysia while I was there and I loved it.

  2. Six of us (six!) booked in to the Slaughter House on 16/01/15 (day after opening). The other five have never escaped before so hopefully we’ll have a few more fans afterwards. Just hope they’re ready for us!


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