DASH needs your help!

Rainbow coming out of skyscraperThe global puzzle hunt DASH is coming to London, and the organisers (including me!) will run it on 30 May. We’re going to need more help.

Can you hand out pieces of paper? Understand the solution to a puzzle, give hints to the perplexed? Hang with a bunch of friendly geeks? Want to engage in a little cosplay? Let’s hear from you!

30 May is performance day. You’ll be part of a crew in one or two locations on the route. There you dish out puzzles, give hints, support the players, and did we mention that most locations are in or near licensed premises?

Before that, 11 April is playtest day. You can get to see the puzzles in a draft state, help to work out how hard they are, and how they can be improved. And you’ll get a preview of the route.

Interested? Want to know more? Leave a comment here, tweet us @playdashlondon, or drop us an email dashinlondon@gmail.com .


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