Mid-December news

Newspaper iconExciting news today from Breakout Manchester that their fifth different room is now open for booking! It’s at the same location as the first four, though the earliest you can book for is mid-January. The game’s name is Infiltrate and they estimate it as harder than their John Monroe’s Detective Office room but easier than their Madchester room. The story runs as follows: You have infiltrated a maximum security ward to speak to one of the most dangerous criminals ever to have walked the planet. You believe this person may hold the answer to the disappearance of your best friend. Having broken in, to your shock, the prisoner has disappeared. You have 60 minutes before the guards arrive to do their hourly check of all prisoners. Search the room for information regarding the disappearance of your best friend and work out how the prisoner escaped. It’ll be exciting to discover how the game plays, especially in comparison to all their previous hits! Many people have been to the site already, and several have played all four of their current games; another reason to go back, perhaps?

BathEscape recently announced on Twitter that they will be awarding a 15% discount to families of up to two adults and two children coming to play their games who hold the Max Card. As the Max Card is a discount card for foster families and families of children with additional needs, this is pretty cool. This enterprise is not primarily intended as a great money-making scheme for BathEscape, and several other exit games do a lot of good work for deserving causes as well. Nevertheless, this is well worth pointing out.

Many thanks to loyal friend of the site Mark for providing an exciting new logo! This has been the excuse that this site has been looking for, for a while, to apply a new theme. The logo is great, and you might see it in the top-left hand corner already, or if your browser is relatively narrow (or if you’re looking on a mobile device, etc.) you might have to click on the little “menu” button to see it and the rest of the navigation. This site isn’t entirely convinced about the new theme, though, and there may be further work on it in the coming days. If you have any views about the new layout, or if it means that you just can’t do something that you used to be able to do, please comment and these comments will be taken into account when thinking about whether or not this new look will stick for good.


  1. Nice work with the new theme, I like it. It’s difficult to see links in your articles though, as it’s the same colour and style to the main text. Add an underline and/or a different colour would be better!

    • I’d say “Ah, but surely if you read this blog, you’re used to investigating everything to see whether it has a hidden meaning?” – but this is said truly in jest and I agree with your point. I appreciate your input and will see if I can figure out how to change the appearance for the better. (Doesn’t look as easy as I was hoping it might be, but I will keep investigating…) There are a few other things that I’m not as satisfied with as I’d like and so more work may well follow.


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